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Vibrating plates TEXKOM

Vibrating plate is a type of road-building equipment intended for compaction of hot and cold asphalt, sand, gravel, crushed stone, soil, clay, laid paving slabs.

They are used in the construction and repair of foundations and upper layers of roads, sidewalks, car parks, sports and playgrounds, tennis courts, grass lawns and footpaths.

Indispensable for laying engineering networks and communications, sealing the top layer of the bottom of trenches and foundation ditches for foundations, paving and fences, building and repairing rail and tram tracks, runways, culverts and bridges, in garden and landscape construction.

Vibrating plates are used for compaction in confined spaces and inaccessible places where it is impossible to use larger road-building equipment - when patching small sections of road surfaces, in the immediate vicinity of walls of buildings and fences, in narrow passages and around wells.

TEXKOM direct vibrating plates are produced by TEXKOM Engineering Plant in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Reliable and high-performance TEXKOM vibrating plates are designed and manufactured taking into account many years of experience gained in the operation and repair of vibration-sealing equipment with manual control of leading European manufacturers.

Designed for professionals in the field of sealing work and are created on the basis of the latest technology using modern equipment and components.

Our equipment is characterized by optimal operating data, high reliability and workmanship, ease of operation and maintenance, long service life, even in conditions of heavy workload.

They have a compact and ergonomic design, excellent handling and maneuverability, comfort in operation and safety for operators, an excellent combination of high performance and low cost.

Using our machines allows you to ensure a perfectly smooth surface of the material with the best quality of its compaction at minimum cost.

To date, the nomenclature of the sealing equipment of the TEXKOM machine plant is seven models of non-reversible vibrating plates of translational motion of light and middle class weighing from 60 to 130 kg and vibrating force from 15 to 20 kN, allowing to perform all the compaction work required at construction sites, to minimize manual labor and the cost of work, as well as improve the culture of production.

All models are equipped with modern fuel-efficient Honda gasoline engines - the "H" series, and the BT 130-20 model is available with the Hatz diesel engine - the "HA" series.

For economic reasons of our customers, vibrating plates can also be equipped with high-quality analogs of these engines: series "C" and "CA". All engines have a manual starter guaranteeing easy starting.

The machines are equipped with a transport wheeled trolley and an irrigation system, have compact dimensions, and are well suited for transportation by road.

All equipment of the TEXKOM plant is perfectly adapted to work in difficult climatic conditions, including in the Far North.

In the names of models of vibrating plates, their main characteristics are noted.

For example: BT 100-20H. “BT” - means a forward-speed vibrating plate, “100” the first numbers - the weight of the vibrating plate - 100 kg, “20” the second numbers - the vibrating force - 20 kN. "H" - Honda gasoline engine.

TEXKOM vibrating plates already have their “popular” names, which the products received at the design stage by the designers of our plant.

So, vibrating plates with a vibrating force of 15 kN are called “Leningradka”, and with vibrators of 20 kN they are called “Prince”.

A 12-month warranty is provided on the machines.

To maintain competitiveness, consistently high quality and beautiful appearance of manufactured products, TEXKOM allows the participation in the production process of qualified engineers and industrial designers of the plant, constantly introducing new design solutions and technologies, as well as systematically modernizing our own production.



Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ при реконструкции КАД

Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ КО-200 и КО-280 используются при реконструкции Кольцевой автомобильной дороги вокруг г. Санкт-Петербурга (КАД, А118).



Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве А-121 «Сортавала»

Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве федеральной автомобильной дороги А-121 «Сортавала».



Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ при строительстве М11

Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ используется при строительстве федеральной трассы М11 (Санкт-Петербург - Москва).



МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" на выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019

Компания МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" приняла участие в выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019, которая прошла в Москве на этой неделе - с 04 по 07 июня в МВЦ «Крокус Экспо».