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108820, Moscow, p. Mosrentgen,
territory of the Mosrentgen plant, building 1.10

Rail grinding machine TEXKOM

Rail grinding machine (rail grinding) - a type of traveling tool designed for: profile processing - grinding the rail head from the rolling surface to the side surfaces; grinding welded joints of rails; stripping the weld ends of rails, crosses and wits railroad switches; various grinding and grinding work on metal. Rail grinders are widely used by railroad workers in the construction, repair and maintenance of a railway track when carrying out work on aluminothermic welding of rail joints, to eliminate defects on the rolling surfaces of rails in the weld deposition zone, welding, reconditioned joints, side wear, side run-ups and cracks.

To carry out the work, grinding wheels are used. Machine drive - electric motors or gasoline internal combustion engines. The TEXKOM machine-building plant has developed and mass-produced electric rail grinding machines of the СРШ-1520 and СРШ-1520M models.

The rail grinding of the TEXKOM machine plant includes: a reinforced frame made of steel pipe; rollers for moving on rails; supporting rollers for processing side surfaces; helical gear; movable rod with holder for angle grinder; flywheel through the screw regulating the height of the raising and lowering of the grinding wheel. As a working body, a removable angle grinder type MAKITA with a circle diameter of 230 mm is used. It is easily and firmly installed in the mount (holder) on the movable stem.

Rail grinding machines of the TEXKOM plant have an original robust design, light weight, lightweight and reliable in operation, provide excellent visibility of the work area during work.

The device is installed, transferred and used by one operator.



Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ при реконструкции КАД

Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ КО-200 и КО-280 используются при реконструкции Кольцевой автомобильной дороги вокруг г. Санкт-Петербурга (КАД, А118).



Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве А-121 «Сортавала»

Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве федеральной автомобильной дороги А-121 «Сортавала».



Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ при строительстве М11

Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ используется при строительстве федеральной трассы М11 (Санкт-Петербург - Москва).



МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" на выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019

Компания МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" приняла участие в выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019, которая прошла в Москве на этой неделе - с 04 по 07 июня в МВЦ «Крокус Экспо».