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108820, Moscow, p. Mosrentgen,
territory of the Mosrentgen plant, building 1.10

Rail spreaders TEXKOM

Track rails

Railway hydraulic rail racers (racers) - a track tool designed to adjust (accelerate) rail butt clearances, which are violated due to the displacement of the track. They are used to disperse rails of all types in the construction, repair and current maintenance of the railway track. Rail racers are equipped with two hydraulic cylinders, which develop a sliding force when oil is supplied to them with a manual pump, which is transmitted through wedge clamps to adjacent "accelerated" rails.

The TEXKOM machine-building plant mass-produces one model of a hydraulic rail racer — the РР-30 rail racer with a developed force of 30 tf and a cylinder stroke of 100 mm. The spreaders of the RR-30 joints, which allow for high-quality repairs in the shortest possible time, are extremely popular and popular in all travel facilities. Our hydraulic joint gap accelerators are distinguished by a well-thought-out, durable, reliable and compact design, trouble-free hydraulics, have sufficient power and light weight, ease of operation, high maintainability and a long service life.

Units are made by highly qualified specialists from high-quality materials using time-tested components on modern equipment.

You can buy a rail racer at the manufacturer’s price by contacting the sales department of the TEXKOM engineering plant by phone or by sending an e-mail. You can also order and purchase spare parts for traveling racers and make repairs in the service center.



Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ при реконструкции КАД

Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ КО-200 и КО-280 используются при реконструкции Кольцевой автомобильной дороги вокруг г. Санкт-Петербурга (КАД, А118).



Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве А-121 «Сортавала»

Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве федеральной автомобильной дороги А-121 «Сортавала».



Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ при строительстве М11

Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ используется при строительстве федеральной трассы М11 (Санкт-Петербург - Москва).



МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" на выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019

Компания МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" приняла участие в выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019, которая прошла в Москве на этой неделе - с 04 по 07 июня в МВЦ «Крокус Экспо».