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Railway tampers TEXKOM

Electric railway tamper

Vibrating electric tampers - a type of traveling hand tool designed for tamping (compaction) of crushed stone ballast under the sleepers for all types of repair, maintenance and construction of railway tracks. Light manual tampers are irreplaceable and effective when carrying out small volumes of work by crews of trackmen without the use of heavy track machines.

The crushing of crushed stone under the sleepers is due to the oscillatory movements of the chipper, the disturbing force to which arises and is transmitted as a result of rotation of the unbalanced shaft of the electric vibrator. To supply the tamper (220V, 3 phases) through cable accessories AK-ZO, autonomous gasoline or diesel electric units AB-4 or AD-4, which are manufactured at our factory, are usually used.

The TEXKOM engineering plant mass-produced (several thousand pieces a year) produces ЭШП-12 electric tampers. Developed by the plant in St. Petersburg several years ago, the model ЭШП-12, today, thanks to its unique design and unsurpassed reliability, has become the absolute leader in popularity and demand among the railwaymen of Russia and the entire post-Soviet space.

TEXKOM ЭШП-12 tampers are characterized by optimal technical characteristics, an unusually reliable vibrator with the possibility of adjusting the driving force by changing the relative position of the unbalances, a three-level damping system and the ability to change the handle height for operator convenience, thoughtful ergonomic design, light weight, bright powder coating of parts.

They are equipped with quality products: switches, electrical connectors, cables, hardware, rubber handles. Our tool provides high-quality compaction due to the maximum transfer of vibrational energy to the ballast. The crushed stone tip (chipper) is made of wear-resistant and high-strength steel, heat-treated up to 60 HRC. Tampers ЭШП-12 manufactured by the TEXKOM machine plant, according to experts from track farms, regularly serve several times longer than the products on the market for tamping ballast.

Electric vibration tamper ЭШП-12 is designed to seal ballast under the sleepers for all types of construction, repair and maintenance of the railway track.



Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ при реконструкции КАД

Керноотборники МЗ ТЕХКОМ КО-200 и КО-280 используются при реконструкции Кольцевой автомобильной дороги вокруг г. Санкт-Петербурга (КАД, А118).



Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве А-121 «Сортавала»

Установка колонкового бурения ТЕХКОМ КО-280К при ремонте и строительстве федеральной автомобильной дороги А-121 «Сортавала».



Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ при строительстве М11

Дорожно-строительная техника МЗ ТЕХКОМ используется при строительстве федеральной трассы М11 (Санкт-Петербург - Москва).



МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" на выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019

Компания МЗ "ТЕХКОМ" приняла участие в выставке "BAUMA СТТ-Россия" 2019, которая прошла в Москве на этой неделе - с 04 по 07 июня в МВЦ «Крокус Экспо».